Making a good first impression is everything. The homepage represents a virtual front door to your website so it’s arguably the most important page. A well thought out homepage creates a visual trail of breadcrumbs that will precisely guide visitors to find your services effortlessly. It will also direct them to take a specific action and go to the next step.

Page layout planning will help you to figure out which content to use and where to place it, but also which content should go first. You can’t expect to randomly place elements on the page because you simply won’t get it right if you don’t follow a good layout recommendation. Flow is very important to implement because it will guide the visitors to discover pages and sections of your website the way you want them to. When you follow best practices when designing a page (in this case homepage), you will craft a well-designed and targeted experience that will work best for your target customer.

Good website homepage design will help visitors to easily identify what your website is exactly about, what you do and how you can help them. But is not enough to just stop there. You must help them to engage with your website and figure out which step they should take next. If you don’t do this, then they are very likely to simply leave without taking any action. Some of the steps that you might want them to take include downloading a guide, visiting a special offer page, submitting contact details, etc.